We talk a lot about “the journey” in the figurative sense. Life is a journey. Focus on the journey, not the destination. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Our language is filled with the cliché of “the journey”. It’s not often that you get to see a literal journey played out … Continue reading Ultra


Where the action takes place the time the space the meaning the manger the city gate The knives flying like birds against a steel sky the skin-crust afternoon on a leaking paradise The swiveling barber’s chair the wailing mother’s lair dark light dark light Oh the colors there! The whipping post the fox’s hole the … Continue reading Setting

Small Town

I am returning to this blog after several years away like a small town I once passed through. I never really knew anyone while I was there the first time. No one who is here now, was there when I first saw it. It is sleepier than ever before if that is even possible. I … Continue reading Small Town


Some work their entire lives so you can spend each day lost in a labyrinth of dead people stuffing bolts down the cylinders of pipe organs and shaving sorrow bald so you can see where he shines and where he folds and you take suffering into the palm of your hand lower it to the … Continue reading Untitled

New Spin

We can give it a new spin like we all know she’s a red-headed orphan who sings but what if she’s a red-headed orphan who sings under the sea and also solves crime? Or what if it’s the red-headed orphan now sixty years later and she’s a grandmother but she doesn’t like children and she … Continue reading New Spin