Some work their entire lives so you can spend each day lost in a labyrinth of dead people stuffing bolts down the cylinders of pipe organs and shaving sorrow bald so you can see where he shines and where he folds and you take suffering into the palm of your hand lower it to the … Continue reading Untitled

New Spin

We can give it a new spin like we all know she’s a red-headed orphan who sings but what if she’s a red-headed orphan who sings under the sea and also solves crime? Or what if it’s the red-headed orphan now sixty years later and she’s a grandmother but she doesn’t like children and she … Continue reading New Spin


I am going to die at dusk and arrive like the afternoon Maconda train to the anticipation of your dearly departed. Do not mourn.  I have had no better ambition but to die after the earth-eater is fed to her sustenance. The final stitch is in my shroud. I have been weaving and unweaving it … Continue reading Amaranta


A man returns to apologize to his wife having been on board a ship nearly eight months I know you she said to him Aren’t you the man who spilled blood off of starboard and so drained the whole ocean? His beard was full and he still wreaked of sea sweat. It had to be … Continue reading Drought